The lineup of cars Reno 2014: new Logan, Duster, Sandero
Today the lineup Reno just huge, ranging from budget small car to a comfortable car business class. Official Renault dealer is in almost every major Russian city, the list can be found on the website.…


Computer diagnostics
TechCenter "AutoSTeam offers services to conduct computer diagnostics vehicle. Modern technology and attentive service of highly qualified personnel auto service diagnostics engine and electrical car. help to identify problems and resolve them in the shortest…


Categories Baby model cars
Delivery scooter in pharmacy A5 it's Very cool that the order can be picked up in one of apcet A5. I didn't know century. Baby car model Toy car models replicate the design of real…


Hyundai Solaris Hatchback is a family car

Today to imagine modern life without a car is impossible. Machine for us and a faithful friend, and a good helper, and even, often, almost a family member. Want to talk about a pleasant, easy and reliable car – Hyundai Solaris hatchback. Allocated Solaris among other compact cars with style, reliability and safety. Very nice appearance, which gave German designers on the basis of the previous model is pleasing to the eye look. The roof blends into the trunk, punch hugs the body at the sides slightly raised, giving more the impression of a powerful and massive machinery. At the back of the car to be a large window on the fifth door, and on the sides, unusual raised Parking and cruise Continue reading

Ford Galaxy – popular family car

Ford Galaxy is a bright example of German family car. He has not borrowed from their predecessors is built on a completely new platform, which predict the fords next generation. Successful sale Ford Galaxy confirms the success of the engineers and designers who developed this rather high, wide and roomy model.

The design appeals to the most buyers

The exterior of the car is quite expressive. On the bumper are a huge headlights and fog-lights. Attract the eye expressive head optics and taillights intricate form. The flowing lines of the hood without much of refraction of flow in the line cabin. The direction of the design appeals to the most buyers. Continue reading

Opel Zafira Tourer for the second year in a row was awarded “car of the year”


April 24, 2014 at the award ceremony of the prize “car of the year” Opel Zafira Tourer for the second year in a row received the main award in the category of ‘Compactmenu». The three leaders also joined Ford S-Max and Volkswagen Touran “We are very proud that our Opel Zafira Tourer for the second year in a row was the best in the category “Compactline “, — said Luke Patrignani, Managing Director of Opel Russia. — Customer feedback is always particularly important to us, and we are very pleased to be leaders in this segment. Another seven-seater car that combines attractive design, comfort, rich picking, attention to detail and the highest Continue reading

Picking Volkswagen Phaeton


Volkswagen Phaeton is presented in three main versions. Above is the table to view the specifications of each of them, as well as price category set. To obtain more complete information, click the “read More”.

In this section you can learn about the main features of the machine, the type of engine and transmission, and also to learn the standard and advanced options. Please note that images of models on the website may vary slightly otvneshnih of repetitive instances. The cost of the car varies from 3 million 735 thousand to 4 million 362 thousand. These amounts correspond to the basic configuration and can vary depending on the number of seats, type of engine, interior and others.To calculate the exact Continue reading

High profit

High profit HVLP technology to provide regulation with the requirements of the Los 65%, significantly higher than the efficiency of transmission. So the pressure was fed a high performance gun not only helps protect the environment but also saves a lot of expensive paint (30% than conventional high pressure gun).

? The best atomization and excellent finishing provides high air flow. Small additional costs of compressed air (compared to conventional high-pressure spray) was exceeded by the savings of material. Even the newest generation of high solid materials, the quality is excellent atomization is achieved. The principle of air circulation ensures a particularly Continue reading

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